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USDA Announces Funding for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects

REAP Program Reduces Energy Costs for Ag Producers and Small Businesses, Boosts Economy, Reduces Dependence on Foreign Oil WASHINGTON, Feb. 10, 2015 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced that rural agricultural producers and small business owners can now apply for resources to purchase and install renewable energy systems or make energy efficiency improvements. These […]

Is Solar Power About to Go Through the Roof?

Credits to: www.ect.coop By Steven Johnson | ECT Staff WriterPublished: October 14th, 2014 The outlook is positively sunny for solar energy, at least in the short run. A report from CoBank says the United States could experience a jump of more than 70 percent in solar installations by 2016, thanks to a federal tax break and lower […]

Real potential, ready today: Solar energy in Iowa

Re-published with credit to: Iowa Environmental Council Already a national leader in renewable wind energy, Iowa also has the potential to be a leader in solar photovoltaic (PV) energy production, according to Council research.  The amount of solar energy Iowa could reasonably produce ranks 16th in the nation, and improvements in solar technology along with […]

Retailers, seeking out bargains, continue to lead on solar

Reposted from www.midwestenergynews.com Posted on 10/16/2014 by Andy Balaskovitz The top 25 companies in the United States installed 28 percent more solar capacity this year over last as the costs for doing so continue to decline and fossil-fuel prices increase and become more volatile, according to anew report from a solar trade association. Since 2012, the top 25 companies […]

Iowa Supreme Court rules in favor of third party solar

Original post credit: www.midwestenergynews.com Posted on 07/11/2014 by Karen Uhlenhuth The Iowa Supreme Court ruled July 11 that a solar installation atop a municipal services center in Dubuque does not violate Iowa law, a decision experts called potentially ground-breaking for the spread of rooftop solar power. “This is a great win for Iowa,” said Brad Klein, a senior attorney with the Environmental […]

Is Iowa prepared for more distributed energy?

Posted on 03/07/2014 by Karen Uhlenhuth As Iowa faces a potential surge in distributed generation, advocates and some legislators are concerned the state isn’t prepared. In recent comments to state regulators, MidAmerican Energy, one of the state’s two largest investor-owned utilities, says that to date this year inquiries about interconnections for distributed generation are coming in at twice […]

Move over wind? Solar energy market ‘exploding’ in Iowa

Move over wind? Solar energy market ‘exploding’ in Iowa Posted on 12/18/2013 by Karen Uhlenhuth Original Source: www.midwestenergynews.com Iowa is well established as a national leader in wind energy and biofuels. And now the state is poised for serious growth in solar as well. “The market is exploding in Iowa,” says Tim Dwight, a former Iowa Hawkeye and NFL […]