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  • Solar is Affordable

    Solar module prices have dropped 80% or more in the last few years.

  • Solar Works in Iowa

    Solar energy systems work great in Iowa and in most cases are more cost effective than wind.

  • Solar is a Great Investment

    An investment in solar energy in Iowa can offer a better ROI than investing in the S&P 500.

  • No Worries

    Solar PV systems have minimal to no annual maintenance costs.

  • Seriously, No Worries

    Solar PV modules have 25 year production guarantees, but will produce energy for 30-40 years.

  • And then there are the Financial Incentives

    • Federal Tax Credit equals 30% of total project cost.

    • Iowa Solar Energy System Tax Credit equals 60% of Federal tax credit up to $20k, which even better than before!

    Federal and State tax credits combined offset up to 48% of project cost!

    • USDA REAP grant can cover up to 25% of project cost. (Some restrictions apply)

    • Enhanced depreciation expense benefits.

    Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program can provide financing for 50% of project cost at 0% interest.

  • Agricultural, Commercial and Residential.

    Substantial savings can be realized from installing a solar project.

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